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ወይ ጂጂ…! (1)

November 9, 2012

To my everyday surprise, and every spot astonishment, the way she expresses things is the way I want them be expressed!…and mostly, she makes things way far from my imaginations (and even from their nature), before she shows me nailing them down.

Her exceptional ability of playing with words (specially as a music lyrics) is something I would die craving for more!, &would dare to try one:) …aww, she put everything a scale up, so that no one dare to try. She knows how to mesmerize and quench a thirsty and a demanding soul effortlessly.

Most importantly, she understands the music; knows what to work, whom to work with, and for whom she is working it; upgrade her knowledge in many regards! Though I didn’t get chance to see any of her paintings, I’ve heard that they are amazingly professional; even herself tell that she is more sure about her artistic qualities in the painting than the music. (Sheger FM 102.1, interview with Meaza Biru)

I push she should sing more! I push she should paint more! I push she should write more! I even push she write a book…just she trigger her mom’s spiral. YeY, her mom is publishing a historical novel, which Gigi has rated as wonderful. I can’t wait…

The track, my player is playing now is….

ምን ትጠብቃለህ?…አቦ ሽማኔ፣ አቦ…
እንዲያ ወዲያ ወዲህ ትንቆራጠጣለህ፣
በሰፋው ደረትህ…ባማረው ባትህ…
እስኪ ተለመነኝ፣ ባይን በጥርስህ
የሰው ስጋ እርም ነው፣ ይቅር መብላትህ
አቦ ሸማኔ…

አደራ ብሰጠው፣ አደራ ልቤን
በልቶት ተገኝ አሉ፣ በጣጥሶ አንጀቴን
የደከመን ገድሎ፣ ፉከራው ምንድን ነው፣
ቀን የጣለው ለታ እርሱም እንደ እኔ ነው፡፡
እርም የእናቴን ስጋ፣ እምልልሀለሁ
ፍቅርን ካልሰጠኸኝ እሞትብሀለሁ፡፡
ያን እምቢ ያን እምቢ…ስለመን ከርሜ፣
ይኸው ተጃጃልኩኝ ደግሜ! ደግሜ! ደግሜ…

ባቱ፣ ተረከዙ፣ ሲጋው ተነባብሮ፣
ወገቡስ የሱ አይደል አይበላም ወይ አብሮ
ልጁ የወይን ሀረግ፣ ጠይም ዓሳ መሳይ
እኔ እናቱን ብሆን፣ ለሰውም አላሳይ፡፡

አንተ ልጅ አንተ ልጅ ያሙሀል
ልብ ይበላል እንጂ አይሰጥም ይሉሀል፣
በዚህች በማተቤ እምልልሃለሁ፣
ፍቅርን ካልሰጠኸኝ እሞትብሀለሁ፡

አሻፈረኝ እምቢ አትናገሩኝ፣
ወስዳችሁ ቅበሩኝ የሰው ነው አትበሉኝ፡
እኔስ ያንን ጀግና፣ ተኝቼ አላልፈውም፣
አገር ጉድ ይበለኝ፣ የኔ ነው…የኔ ነው….የኔ ነው….

የኔ ናት…የኔ ናት…. የኔ ናት… የኔ ናት…. ))

I love Gigi ( Ejigayehu Shibabaw ) so much!!


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  1. Ermias permalink

    GiGi the best, my all time IDOL.

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